Mozilla Seabird: A Smartphone With a Full-size Keyboard

by Developer.com Staff

Is a Pico Projector full-size keyboard for smartphones in the future? Mozilla Labs thinks it's possible.

Mozilla has no plans to build a smartphone, but with the help of product deisgner Billy May, Mozilla Labs have released a video showing a smartphone with a full-size keyboard.

The problem is that while it's technically possible to create documents and even write code on a smartphone, it's not practical. The keyboard is too small and therefore it's time-consuming and tedious to do a lot of typing with it.

To solve this problem, what Mozilla Labs has done with their Seabird smartphone concept, is that they theorize that by using Pico Projector technology, a full-sized keyboard can be possible. You can watch the video demonstration here.

Now the question is whether any of the smartphone manufacturers will actually build one.

This article was originally published on Friday Sep 24th 2010
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