Oracle Says Open Source MySQL Will Survive

by Developer.com Staff

Version 5.5 of MySQL is due to come out in 2011, and Oracle said that the community edition will be improved, as well as the company's enterprise edition.

On Sunday at Oracle's OpenWorld, Oracle's database chief architect Edward Screvan said the company is absolutely committed to not only keeping the community edition of MySQL alive, but making it better too.

The Register's Gavin Clarke has the story.

Screven told Oracle OpenWorld's MySQL: "Some folks thought when we'd acquire Sun [Microsystems], we'd deprecate MySQL, but it's quite the opposite... We are focused on making MySQL better.

"We are going to enhance the community edition... we are not only making the enterprise version better, we are making the GPL edition better as well."

This article was originally published on Monday Sep 20th 2010
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