Terracotta Says They've Solved Java's 'Universal Problem' - Garbage Collection

by Developer.com Staff

Terracotta is offering a beta version of their BigMemory product to Java developers who want a bigger memory heap.

On Tuesday, Terracotta will begin offering a beta version of BigMemory for Enterprise Ehcache, which the company says will solve Java's "universal problem" of garbage collection.

"Compatible with popular Java Virtual Machines, BigMemory provides an off-heap cache to free Java applications from memory and performance constraints of garbage collection," reported ITWorld's Paul Krill, "thus providing a large memory footprint for Java applications, Terracotta said. Garbage collection is bypassed via Terracotta's technology."

Terracotta's Mike Allen said, "Java is kind of stuck in the small memory world because of Java garbage collection."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 14th 2010
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