Google Code to Accept all Open Source Licenses

by Developer.com Staff

Google has decided that they will no longer deny open source projects based on their license.

Google's open source guru Chris DiBona announced on Friday that Google Code would now accept all open source projects regardless of license.

As long as the project is actually an open source project, it will be accepted by Google.

"We will continue to hunt down and kill non-open source projects or other projects using Google Code as a generic file-hosting service," DiBona said.

Prior to this change, only a select number of open source licenses were allowed, but DiBona said the process of denying open source projects never sat well with Google.

"We never really liked turning away projects that were under real, compatible licenses like the zlib or other permissive licenses, nor did we really like turning away projects under licenses that serve a truly new function, like the AGPL," DiBona said. "We also think that there were inconsistencies in how we handled multi-licensed projects (for instance: a project that is under an Apache license, but has a zlib component.)"

This article was originally published on Monday Sep 13th 2010
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