Bespin Becomes Mozilla Skywriter and Moves to GitHub

by Developer.com Staff

Mozilla Labs has renamed "Bespin" HTML5 cloud-based editor to Mozilla Skywriter and moved the source code repository to GitHub.

Mozilla Labs' "Bespin" customizable HTML5 text editor has been renamed to Mozilla Skywriter, and the source code has been moved to GitHub.

"We've had many compliments and complaints about the 'Bespin' codename ever since we first introduced the project. You can't please everyone, especially when it comes to naming. The Bespin codename, derived from the awesome 'cloud city' in The Empire Strikes Back, was a fun name to use for an editor that enables 'coding in the cloud,'" Mozilla's Kevin Dangoor said in the announcement.

However, with version 1.0 approaching, Mozilla decided a new name was in order and they settled on Mozilla Skywriter. The source code is now available on GitHub http://github.com/mozilla/skywriter.

This article was originally published on Friday Sep 3rd 2010
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