Native ZFS for Linux

by Developer.com Staff

A native port of ZFS is in the works for Linux. It's being built by a company in India called Knowledge Quest Infotech.

There's been a lot of talk about Btrfs becoming the next defacto filesystem for Linux, but there's also an effort to get ZFS on Linux too.

Sun developed ZFS and it's running on OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD and other operating systems, but not Linux.

That is until now.

Michael Larabel reports on Phoronix that a company called Knowledge Quest Infotech is building a native port of ZFS for Linux.

The problem with Sun's ZFS is that it's distributed under the CDDL license, which is incompatible with the GNU GPL. And because of patent issues, ZFS can't simply be reimplemented in a new source base under the GNU Public License.

So how does Knowledge Quest plan to get around all of these hurdles? It looks like their banking on a lot of work and a bit of luck.

"In terms of how native ZFS for Linux is being handled by this Indian company, they are releasing their ported ZFS code under the Common Development & Distribution License and will not be attempting to go for mainline integration," Larabel reported. "Instead, this company will just be releasing their CDDL source-code as a build-able kernel module for users and ensuring it does not use any GPL-only symbols where there would be license conflicts. KQ Infotech also seems confident that Oracle will not attempt to take any legal action against them for this work."

This article was originally published on Monday Aug 30th 2010
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