Is SAP Going to Buy Red Hat?

by Developer.com Staff

Is SAP going to acquire Red Hat? The rumors are buzzing of that possibility.

Rumor has it that SAP might buy Red Hat.

Andrew Wilkinson at Forbes wrote about it on Monday. Eric Savitz blurbed about a possible SAP deal to buy Red Hat on Barron's yesterday as well.

And now today, The Var Guy jumped into the discussion asking, "Will SAP Acquire Linux Leader?"

The Var Guy has no idea if SAP plans to purchase Red Hat, there are always rumors of a Red Hat takeover lurking on the horizon, but if it does happen, he said it could be a good move for SAP and Red Hat.

"On paper," he said, "the SAP-Red Hat combo appears to make strategic sense."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 24th 2010
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