Android Unhappy Over Oracle's Lawsuit Against Google

by Developer.com Staff

Not surprisingly, Android developers are either mildly annoyed or downright angry with Oracle for attacking Google's open source Android mobile operating system.

InfoWorld's Paul Krill spoke with some Android developers about the Oracle lawsuit leveled at Google and they aren't happy about it.

"The group is very, very unhappy," with the lawsuit, says David Cao, an organizer of the Silicon Valley Android Developers group and a vice president at BeyondSoft Consulting. Oracle, he says, is alienating the open source community. But he believes "Android will prevail," reports Krill.

Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Ubuntu Linux distributor Canonical. He said, "Oracle has significantly undermined its relationship with the open source and developer community."

This article was originally published on Friday Aug 20th 2010
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