Java Creator Slams Oracle and Google Over Android Patent Lawsuit

by Developer.com Staff

The creator of Java, James Gosling, blogs about the Oracle lawsuit against Google and takes both companies behind the woodshed.

James Gosling designed and built the first version of Java. In a blog post, Gosling weighed in on the Oracle lawsuit being leveled against Google for its Java-based open source Android mobile operating system.

While much of the online commentary has been focused on the wrongness of Oracle's actions against Google, Gosling said that Google's hands are not clean either.

"There are no guiltless parties with white hats in this little drama," he blogged. "This skirmish isn't much about patents or principles or programming languages. The suit is far more about ego, money and power."

He said that Sun had tried to negotiate with Google over Android, but the talks eventually fell apart.

Gosling stayed with Sun through the Oracle acquisition, but left the company in April.

He ended his blog post, "It's tough living in a world of Borg-wanna-be's."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 17th 2010
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