Oracle America's Complaint Against Google, as Text

by Developer.com Staff

Pamela Jones analyzes the case Oracle has leveled at Google for its open source Java-based Android mobile operating system on Groklaw.

Pamela Jones at Groklaw posted an in-depth analysis of the case Oracle America v. Google involving Google's open source Java-based Android mobile operating system.

"That is what Oracle has named Sun Microsystems now that it's a subsidiary, Oracle America, the company formerly known as Sun," Jones explained. "So it's Sun that is being made to be the plaintiff. It's Sun's patents and copyrights, so that makes sense, but it gives me an icky feeling. All the Sun people who'd never do this in a million years either wouldn't go to work for Oracle or left promptly, so here we are, Oracle America."

Jones said that there are eight claims being made by Oracle, seven on patents and one on copyright infringement.

She breaks down each of the arguments and provides the necessary historical and legal context for each of them - definitely worth a read.

This article was originally published on Monday Aug 16th 2010
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