Westinghouse Loses GPL BusyBox Lawsuit

Friday Aug 6th 2010 by Developer.com Staff

It's easy to not get sued for GPL violations, but Westinghouse went to court and lost.

The Software Freedom Conservancy filed a lawsuit against 14 consumer electronic vendors, 13 of them settled out of court or are working with the Conservancy, but Westinghouse went to court and lost.

What happened is that Westinghouse included the BusyBox GPL-licensed code as part of its HDTVs, but the company didn't provide users with access to the source code.

"The court is ordering Westinghouse to pay $90,000 in damages and to give the HDTVs that include the BusyBox code to the Conservancy. The Conservancy plans to donate the items to charity," InternetNews.com's Sean Michael Kerner reported.

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