Revolution Analytics Takes Hadoop to the Next Level

by Developer.com Staff

Revolution Analytics provides commercial tools using the open source R statistics language.

Today, Revolution Analytics announced a new version of Revolution R Enterprise that integrates with Apache's open source Hadoop.

"Together, Hadoop and R can store and analyze massive, complex data," said Saptarshi Guha, developer of the popular RHIPE R package that integrates the Hadoop framework with R in an automatically distributed computing environment. "Employing the new capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise, we will be able to go even further and compute Big Data regressions and more."

The new version of Revolution R includes the XDF "big data" binary file format, high-performance statistical algorithms, tools for data reading and transformation and extensibility.

"The R language's inherent power and extensibility has driven its explosive adoption as the modern system for predictive analytics," said Norman H. Nie, president and CEO of Revolution Analytics.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 3rd 2010
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