Matt Asay Tells Microsoft to go Head First Into Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

Matt Asay writes today that Microsoft should dive head first into the open source community and embrace it fully.

Matt Asay doesn't think Microsoft should dump Windows for Linux, "that would be madness," but he does think Microsoft needs to fully embrace open source software if it plans to have a profitable future.

Microsoft "needs to go deep on Linux," Asay wrote today in The Register. "Yes, this is anathema to the Microsoft faithful. But I'm not talking about porting its applications to run on Linux, nor am I suggesting that Microsoft replace Windows with Linux as its desktop and server operating system."

Asay thinks that Microsoft should stop frittering away its time with it's own mobile operating system and use SUSE and Meego instead.

"Microsoft should consider acquiring Novell's SUSE Linux business and focusing it completely on mobile," he explained. "Novell has a seat at the Linux Foundation's MeeGo table, and Microsoft should embrace that operating system rather than its myriad (but universally unsuccessful) mobile variants of Windows."

This article was originally published on Friday Jul 30th 2010
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