Richard Stallman Answers 25 Questions From Reddit Open Source Community

by Developer.com Staff

Richard Stallman answers 25 questions posed by the Reddit open source community.

Free software living legend Richard Stallman graciously answered 25 questions from the Reddit open source community.

This is a long discussion with Stallman. He talks about his favorite movie (he doesn't have one), his favorite book (he doesn't have one), pets (he doesn't have one), and of course free software (he loves it).

Stallman was asked which proprietary application he would most like to see a free version of - Autocad.

"I think freeing Autocad," he said, "would give the biggest boost to the free software community. It is used in a wide range of activities, and our CAD software lags quite a bit."

This article was originally published on Friday Jul 30th 2010
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