Novell Opens SUSE Builds App Store

by Developer.com Staff

Novell's SUSE Appliance store showcases the work of 80,000 users and 5,000 ISV's with its new SUSE Appliance store.

Novell is taking a cue from Apple and Google by setting up their own app store for SUSE Appliance Platform builds.

But as ZDNet's Dana Blankenhorn said today, a SUSE Appliance Platform store isn't quite the same as Apple's or Google's app stores.

"Apps are often interfaces to a single Web site," Blankenhorn wrote, "or at the minimum programs that do one thing very well. As Google has proven they can be built with a point-and-click interface."

What Novell is showcasing are builds of SUSE Appliances.

"A build is something completely different," Blankenhorn explained. "It's a software stack meant to emulate an entire system, an entire stack including the operating system. Rosenberg said she has already seen stacks with games and browsers, but it's a stretch to call the result an app store."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 27th 2010
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