The World's Fastest VP8 Decoder Is ffvp8

by Developer.com Staff

There's never been a faster VP8 video decoder than ffvp8 - ever.

The developers at open source FFmpeg have now officially built the fastest VP8 decoder the world has ever seen.

It's called ffvp8.

Jason Garrett-Glaser, one of the ffvp8 developers, said that even though their code isn't done yet, it blows aways Google's libvpx, particularly on 64-bit.

"It's even faster by a large margin on Atom, despite the fact that we haven't even begun optimizing for it," Glaser wrote.

He said that he expects Google to switch Chrome over to ffvp8, and certainly open source media players such as VLC will be rocking this impressive new VP8 decoder when the next version of FFmpeg comes out.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 27th 2010
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