Sony Facing a Single Class Action Lawsuit for Removing Linux From PS3

by Developer.com Staff

Sony now faces one consolidated class action lawsuit rather than 7 individual cases.

A judge has ruled that all seven cases being waged against Sony for removing the advertised ability to install Linux on the Playstation 3 will now be consolidated into one class action lawsuit.

Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera has the story.

"In essence, the claims in these cases are that Sony Computer Entertainment of America ('Sony') falsely represented that PS3 purchasers would be able to use their PS3s as a computer by installing another operating system, such as Linux," a document obtained by Ars Technica states. "In a recent firmware update, Sony removed the ability of consumers to utilize this feature. As a result, seven class actions were filed against Sony in federal court in San Francisco, California."

The consolidation of the cases was at the request of the plaintiffs' lawyers. The next court date is set for September.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jul 22nd 2010
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