Drupal Focusing on Enterprises and Users Over Open Source Community

by Developer.com Staff

Drupal sets its sights on enterprise customers and end-users - switching away from a developer-centered approach.

Drupal's been around for 10 years and people who use it tend to like it. But when it comes to widespread usage among typical bloggers, WordPress is chosen more often than Drupal.

But open source Drupal hopes to change that with Drupal Gardens and Drupal 7. Drupal Gardens is a lot like WordPress.com where anyone can setup a Drupal blog hosted on Drupal servers.

In the upcoming Drupal 7, the organization put a lot of emphasis on user-experience, as opposed to developer-experience.

"We made a big transformation where Drupal used to be a tool for developers by developers for developers," Drupal creator Dries Buytaert told The Register. "We are starting to switch to make Drupal … much more optimized for the end users versus the person building the site."

And for enterprise customers, Drupal introduced a database abstraction layer that supports multiple databases, the Register's Gavin Clarke reported.

"I think we made the right trade-offs. If we want Drupal to grow it has to grow in the enterprise," Buytaert told The Register. "While there's a small performance hit for the smaller users, it's worth that penalty because small sites can grow big over time – you don't want people to migrate off the platform over time."

This article was originally published on Thursday Jul 22nd 2010
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