Stallman Warns Developers to Never Write .NET Applications

by Developer.com Staff

Stallman is no Microsoft fanboy, he warns developers that they should never write .NET applications with Mono or DotGNU - no exceptions.

ComputerworldUK's Glyn Moody interviewed Richard Stallman about .NET, Mono and DotGNU, not surprisingly, Stallman wasn't a fan of any of those technologies.

"You shouldn't write software to use .NET. No exceptions," Stallman said.

Unless Microsoft makes an "ironclad commitment that its present and future patents will never be used against implements" of .NET, the open source leader cautioned developers against building applications with it.

"The basic point," Stallman explained, "is that Microsoft has patents over features in .NET, and its patent promise regarding free software implementations of those is inadequate. It may someday attack the free implementations of these features."

This article was originally published on Thursday Jul 15th 2010
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