OpenSolaris Governing Board Issues Oracle Ultimatum

by Developer.com Staff

If Oracle doesn't appoint a liaison to the OpenSolaris Governing Board, control of the OpenSolaris community will be turned over to Oracle in August.

At Monday's meeting, the OpenSolaris Governing Board voted to send Oracle an ultimatum - either communicate with the board or Oracle will have to take control of OpenSolaris themselves.

The board voted unanimously on a motion demanding that Oracle appoint a liaison by Aug. 16, 2010 "who has the authority to talk about the future of OpenSolaris and its interaction with the OpenSolaris community." If Oracle does not do so, the Board will disband and control of the OpenSolaris community will be handed over to Oracle.

Board member John Plocher spoke with Oracle representative Jeb Dasteel about the devolving situation with OpenSolaris.

Plocher said that the bottom line is that Oracle doesn't have any information to pass on and that Dasteel recommended waiting a couple of months before disbanding.

According to the meeting minutes, the problem is that, "The vacuum that's been created through lack of dialog is leading to stagnation and allowing rumor mills to run riot."

The next action expected by the Board is scheduled for Aug. 23.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 13th 2010
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