SCO Publishes 'Proof' That Linux Stole Code From Unix

by Developer.com Staff

SCO won't let it go, now Kevin McBride has published some of the code he claims belongs to SCO and IBM stole it to build Linux.

For some reason the executives at SCO really really hate Linux. For the last seven years the company has been trying and failing to sue for what SCO claims is their intellectual property that's being used in the open source Linux operating system.

Now Kevin McBride, a lawyer and brother of former SCO CEO Darl McBride has released some of the actual code that he claims proves IBM ripped off SCO code when they built their version of Linux.

However, the courts have already said that Novell is the rightful owner of the UNIX copyrights. And Novell has shown no interest in suing IBM.

"So, in my opinion," McBride wrote, "Linux users owe Novell–and particularly its excellent Morrison & Forrester legal team–a huge debt for coming to the rescue and keeping Linux a royalty-free product."

Because if Novell didn't win, SCO would have thrashed all over the open source Linux community. That's not very good public relations, but this is SCO.

But none of this is stopping the McBride's from filing an appeal and making this feeble attempt to prove their case in the court of public opinion. The chances of the appeal overturning the jury verdict in the Novell case is about as likely as SCO winning over anyone in the public sphere with this last-ditch effort.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 13th 2010
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