Many Companies Distribute Open Source Software and Don't Realize It

by Developer.com Staff

Study shows that many companies are distributing open source and they don't even know it.

A new survey by OpenLogic shows that a significant percentage of companies are distributing open source software and don't realize it - possibly inadvertently violating the terms of open source licenses.

NetworkWorld.com's Kim Weins reports that 67 percent of respondents said that their companies don't distribute open source software. However, 50 percent of software developers said that their companies are distributing open source software, while only 14.3 percent of legal staff said that their company did so.

"Bottom line," Weins said, "many of these companies may be distributing open source without realizing it, thereby risking violation of copyleft clauses of the GPL and other open source licenses."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 6th 2010
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