Debian Opens 'Derivatives Front Desk' to Encourage Upstream Contributions

by Developer.com Staff

Debian launches Derivatives Front Desk to encourage developers to contribute back to the Debian project.

Debian is one of the premier Linux distributions and as many as 120 distributions are based on the popular open source Linux operating system. But one problem for Debian is that projects, such as Ubuntu, don't give back to the core Debian project.

"One of the reasons derivative projects don't give back is how difficult and time consuming the process can be," Linux Journal's Susan Linton reported. "Many just don't know what to do. So Debian has created a contact point to facilitate the practice."

The Front Desk will be a point of contact for developers seeking assistance to provide upstream code for the Debian project.

It will be manned by volunteers to act as mentors and advisors for derivative developers, Linton said.

This article was originally published on Friday Jul 2nd 2010
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