Nexus One Users Getting Android 2.2

by Developer.com Staff

Nexus One users are expected to get the latest Android 2.2 this week. Watch for a message in your notification bar.

Beginning yesterday, Nexus One users will start getting notified that they can update their phone's operating system to Google's new open source Android 2.2.

Codenamed Froyo, the newest version of Android offers some really great features. One is the ability to setup the handset to be a portable hotspot.

The update will be spread out over the week. You will receive a message on your phone's notification bar when your update is available.

Just download the update, wait for the it to install and you should be all set, Google said.

The update also enables Flash in the Web browser as well as many user interface improvements and features.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 29th 2010
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