Fedora Project Gets a new Leader

by Developer.com Staff

Fedora project gets a new leader - this time it's Jared Smith.

The Fedora Project is undergoing another leadership change. Paul Frields is stepping down and Jared Smith is taking the helm.

Frields took the lead role in the open source Fedora project in 2007 after Max Spevack called it quits as Fedora leader.

The Fedora Project Leader is a salaried position with Red Hat.

Smith is a "long-time user of both Red Hat and Fedora, and anactive participant in the the Fedora community since 2007. He'sprimarily spent his time working with the infrastructure anddocumentation teams. He's helped with the development of Fedora Talk, our community VoIP telephony system. Fedora Talk allows various Fedora developers and contributors to communicate verbally for free across the Internet," Frields said.

According to Frields, over the next few months, Smith will be transitioned into the new leadership position.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 29th 2010
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