openSUSE Looking for more Autonomy From Novell

by Developer.com Staff

OpenSUSE is looking to spread its wings by separating itself from the notion that it's controlled by Novell.

The openSUSE community is drafting a new "community statement" with the hopes of separating itself from Novell.

One key component of the new community statement is the formation of an openSUSE Foundation, reports Ars Technica's Ryan Paul.

"The foundation concept is particularly intriguing. Foundations for open source projects are useful because they serve as a central legal entity for collecting funds, managing licensing issues, and providing vendor-neutral governance structures," Paul said.

The benefits of a foundation would be that it could put to rest the assumption that Novell is in charge of openSUSE. This could encourage other companies to participate in the openSUSE project.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jun 23rd 2010
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