Bespin 0.8 Release is the Most Important Release Since 0.5

by Developer.com Staff

Bespin 0.8 is a huge release, well, it's actually really small in file size, but it's packed with a lot of big improvements.

Bespin 0.8, codenamed "Cheviot," has been released onto the Wild Wild Web.

Bespin is Mozilla Labs' web-based code editor that leverages the power of the HTML5 standard.

The latest version is a lot less than version 0.7.3. That means it's smaller. And when you're building jQuery applications, smaller is definitely better. Uncompressed Bespin weighs in at 225K. Compress it's only 65K.

Now you can also "radically change the appearance through a simple plugin."

"Bespin's themes go beyond just CSS," Kevin Dangoor explains, "because we wanted theme creators to be able to change the appearance of plugins they had never even heard of before. Bespin 0.8 uses the new LESS.js package to allow UI components to use global theme variables so that they can change appearance as the theme dictates"

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 22nd 2010
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