Mozilla Teams up with Hacks/Hackers

by Developer.com Staff

Mozilla and Hacks/Hackers are planning a six-week course on blogger, journalism and a bunch of other stuff.

Mozilla and Hacks/Hackers are joining forces to create a course the Peer-to-Peer University with hackers teaching journalists and journalists teaching hackers.

"We thought this was a perfect fit with Hacks and Hackers," says Burt Herman, the group's founder. "We have journalists teaching technology people about what that is, and the technology people teaching journalists."

It's going to be a six-week class. One hour a week of lectures and one project.

The tentative schedule includes Aron Pilhofer from the New York Times, Amanda Hickman and David Cohn. It's interesting that Pilhofer hasn't updated his blog since December 2009 - maybe he'll be taking a course on active blogging?

This article was originally published on Monday Jun 21st 2010
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