VMware Partners with Novell for SUSE Linux

Friday Jun 11th 2010 by Developer.com Staff

VMware and Novell partnership marries SUSE Linux with VMware's virtualization software, but it's not a monogamous relationship.

Novell has partnered with another one of its competitors. This time it's VMware.

Register's Timothy Prickett Morgan has the story.

While Novell is a competitor of sorts with VMware when it comes to server virtualization, pitting its implementations of the Xen and now KVM hypervisors inside of SUSE Linux 11 against VMware's ESX Server stack, Novell has not been afraid to partner with competitors since Ray Noorda left the company and in fact seems to prefer so-called "co-opetition" to cut-throat competition.

While the details of the deal are still sketchy, Morgan said that the partnership doesn't imply that VMware is giving up its operating system neutrality or that Novell is dumping its own virtualization product.

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