Should Open Source Developers Thank Apple?

by Developer.com Staff

The H's Dj Walker-Morgan thinks the open source community should give Apple a big sloppy kiss and a thank you card for making open source software better.

NetworkWorld's Alan Shimel and the H's Dj Walker-Morgan got into spitting contest over who should thank whom for improving open source technology.

Walker-Morgan said that Apple has raised the competitive bar and that open source developers should thank Steve Jobs and crew for doing so.

He wrote that Microsoft lowered the bar, particularly with Windows Vista, and open source developers became complacent.

"Utter nonsense!," Shimel responded.

Apple is a "parasite of open source," Shimel said. "They have used the technology, are not making the resulting products open source and are contributing zero back to the community."

But nobody is going to be thanking anyone for anything. And when you look at the big three - Microsoft, Apple and Google - it's Google that's actually embracing open source. They may be doing so to get an edge over their competition, but they're doing it.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 10th 2010
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