WordPress and Other PHP Web Sites Hacked on GoDaddy

by Developer.com Staff

GoDaddy gets hit again with another round of malware attacks. It appears to be the same hackers that hacked them in May.

Yesterday, at approximately 3 p.m. Eastern, self-hosted WordPress blogs on GoDaddy, and other Web sites written with the popular open source scripting language PHP, were hacked.

The sites have been infected with malware called "cloudisthebestbestnow."

WPSecurityLock reported, "The 'cloudisthebestnow' hack attack is dangerous malware! It injects malicious script into all .php files that redirects website visitors' to a 'fake AV' program at http://cloudisthebestnow[dot]com/kp.php."

According to GoDaddy, the attack is affecting several hundred accounts. The registrar of the attacking domain has been contacted to remove the offending domain in order to block the attack.

It appears to be the same attackers that targeted GoDaddy in May. It's the same IP address.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jun 9th 2010
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