NASA and Japan Announce Open Source Cloud Collaboration

by Developer.com Staff

NASA chief demonstrates how open source Nebula cloud can work with Japan's NII open source cloud to share data and collaborate.

Last week, NASA's Chief Technology Officer Chris Kemp performed a live demonstration of interoperability between NASA's Nebula and Japan's National Institute of Informatics Cloud platform.

At the NII's annual Open House in Tokyo, Kemp showed how the two systems could jointly serve publicly-available selections of Mars Orbiter data sets to a Web application.

"By demonstrating how cloud interoperability can facilitate international collaboration and seamless global access to public data, NASA hopes to accelerate the development of cloud standards and the adoption of cloud infrastructure services by the scientific community," Kemp said.

Both cloud platforms are built entirely with open source components and with open data application interfaces.

This article was originally published on Monday Jun 7th 2010
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