Open Source Victory in Canada

by Developer.com Staff

Canada's Quebec Superior Court ruled in favor of open source software when it said that the RRQ acted illegally when it offered Microsoft a no-bid contract to update 800 workstations.

A Quebec Superior Court ruling said that the Régie des rentes du Québec's (RRQ) acted illegally in 2008 when it awarded a no-bid contract to Microsoft to upgrade 800 workstations.

Cyrille Béraud is the president of Savoir-Faire Linux, he told Le Devoir, "It is also a great victory for the Government of Quebec" which "now has a tool for liberation from the stranglehold of multinationals on its information system."

Béraud said that this decision will set a precedent.

The original French version of this story can be found here.

This article was originally published on Friday Jun 4th 2010
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