How to Build DVD Discs with Open Source Bombono

by Developer.com Staff

Here's a review and getting started guide for the open source Bombono DVD authoring tool.

LWN.net has published a review and tutorial for the open source Bombono DVD authoring tool.

In his story, Nathan Willis walks you through getting started with Bombono. Then Willis shows you how to build DVD menus and output the DVD file for testing with the VLC Media Player.

The developer of Bombono has taken a tightly focused approach with this DVD authoring tool. Bombono relies on external tools such as mjpegtools, the TwoLAME MP2 encoder, Kdenlive and dvdauthor to handle the nuts and bolts of encoding and decoding the video and audio. Bombono focuses solely on DVD authoring.

This article was originally published on Friday May 28th 2010
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