MeeGo v1.0 Released with Core Software Platform and Netbook User Experience

by Developer.com Staff

The first stable version of MeeGo dropped this week. It doesn't include support for writing software for mobile phones or tablets - just netbooks.

This week, the first stable release of MeeGo v1.0 is out. The open source mobile operating system doesn't include MeeGo Handset. It only includes the core software platform and the MeeGo Netbook user experience.

"The MeeGo Netbook user experience is the first to appear, with the development of the MeeGo Handset user experience moving to the open in June," Intel's Director of Open Source Technology Center Imad Sousou said.

Going forward, releases are scheduled every six months. MeeGo v1.1 is expected to drop in October.

That release "will include support for touch-based devices, such as Handsets, Tablets, and In-Vehicle Infotainment systems," Sousou said.

If you need to write MeeGo code for handsets, you'll have to wait until next month.

"Currently, the MeeGo SDK is focused on Netbooks," Sousou explained, "but the next version of the MeeGo SDK, an early developer release in June, will support touch-based devices, such as Handsets and Tablets."

You can download the latest MeeGo here.

This article was originally published on Thursday May 27th 2010
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