Linux Documentation for the Blind

by Developer.com Staff

One activist is trying to bring Linux to the blind community. He's starting with documentation. Now if only sighted people would read it.

One open source community member is launching a campaign to bring Linux documentation to the blind community.

His name is Tony Baechler. He's an active member on the Blinux-list.

In an interview with technology blog "The Stop," Baechler spoke about the importance of Linux documentation for the blind.

"I've had several people ask for audio demonstrations. It's great if you're comfortable reading text, but how does a brand new user know where to begin?." Baechler continue, "In the sighted world, you can just get a Linux book. While there are some books in an accessible format, most aren't easily available to the blind."

This article was originally published on Thursday May 27th 2010
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