Google Enables Spring Framework in Google App Engine

by Developer.com Staff

Google and VMware partnered to enable the Spring Framework in Google App Engine.

InfoWorld columnist Savio Rodrigues evaluated the potential impact of the EMC VMware partnership with Google to enable the open source Spring Framework in Google App Engine.

"Should enterprises now reconsider GAE/J as a deployment environment for certain Java applications?," Rodriguez asked.

The problem, he said, is that both Spring and Google App Engine do not adhere to the open Java standards.

While Spring isn't standards compliant, Rodriguez said that it's a "de facto" standard for a lot of IT departments. Google App Engine is not.

EMC VMware purchased SpringSource - the maker of the Spring Framework - on Aug. 10, 2009.

Either way, according to Rodriguez, enterprise are worried about vendor lock-in and they're taking a closer at whether they're building software based on open source, and open standards.

"Enterprises didn't much care about lock-in to the nonstandard Spring portfolio when it was from SpringSource, a small, friendly, company," Rodriguez wrote about the SpringSource acquisition. "Now that it's coming from VMware, a large enterprise software vendor with well-established profit motivations, it would be wise to get behind a relevant Java spec, like Java EE 6 Web Profile."

This article was originally published on Friday May 21st 2010
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