Google Introduces Open Source Font API and Font Directory

by Developer.com Staff

Google announces the creation of a new set of open source web fonts to make the web a beautiful place.

On Wednesday, Google announced the release of a collection of high quality open source web fonts in the Google Font Directory and the Google Font API.

"For a long time, the web has lagged print and even other electronic media in typographic sophistication," Google Font API team members Ralph Levien and David Kuettel said. "To enjoy the visual richness of diverse fonts, webmasters have resorted to workarounds such as baking text into images."

With the Google Font API, "using these fonts on your web page is almost as easy as using the standard set of so-called 'web-safe' fonts."

These new web fonts work with CSS3 and HTML5 styling, including drop shadows, rotation, etc.

This article was originally published on Thursday May 20th 2010
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