Mozilla Opens Up Plugin Check Web Site to Everyone

by Developer.com Staff

Mozilla has opened its plugin check Web site for everyone - even Internet Explorer.

Mozilla developers have released a new version of their plugin check website. Rather than focusing just on the open source Firefox browser, the plugin check website now works with Safari, Chrome and even Internet Explorer.

"We believe that plugin safety is an issue for the web as a whole," Director of Firefox Development Johnathan Nightingale said, "so while our initial efforts focused on building a page that would work for Firefox users, the team has since expanded plugin check coverage to work with Safari 4, Chrome 4, and Opera 10.5. We have added support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 for the most popular plugins, as well, but since IE requires specific code to be written for each plugin it will take us a little longer to get to full coverage. You can see the updated page for yourself here."

In addition to opening up the plugin check website to more browsers, Mozilla has also created plugin check site badges.

"Adding these banners to your site will help your readers stay current regardless of which browser they use, and make the internet a safer place for everyone," Nightingale said.

This article was originally published on Wednesday May 12th 2010
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