MacRuby 0.6 is Stable for Cocoa Development

by Developer.com Staff

MacRuby developers have released version 0.6 and said that MacRuby is now stable for Cocoa application development.

The newest release of MacRuby is available, and according to the developers, it's "stable for Cocoa development."

"Since 0.5's release," Laurent Sansonetti said, "we have worked closely with a number of early-adopter developers in finding and fixing a great number of bugs, as well as improving the overall process of creating Cocoa apps in MacRuby. We believe that MacRuby is now stable enough to permit the creation of complete and functional Cocoa applications that have access to the full suite of Cocoa APIs."

The "Compile" target in Xcode makes it possible to ship a MacRuby Cocoa application without including the Ruby source in the deliverable.

This article was originally published on Tuesday May 4th 2010
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