Internet Explorer Usage Continues to Slide Downward as Chrome Goes Up

by Developer.com Staff

Google's open source Chrome web browser is taking a significant bite out of Microsoft Internet Explorer share of the market.

According to Net Applications Web browser data, Microsoft's Internet Explorer usage has dipped below the 60 percent mark, while Google's open source Chrome is making significant gains.

Ars Technica's Emil Protalinski broke down the numbers in the never-ending browser war.

"Between March and April, Internet Explorer dropped a significant 0.70 percent (from 60.65 percent to 59.95 percent) and Firefox increased 0.07 percent (from 24.52 percent to 24.59 percent). Chrome jumped a sizable 0.60 percent (from 6.13 percent to 6.73 percent), Safari gained 0.07 percent (from 4.65 percent to 4.72 percent), and Opera dipped 0.07 percent (from 2.37 percent to 2.37 percent)."

Firefox, Safari and Opera marketshare remains about the same, but clearly Google's Chrome is chomping away at Microsoft's browser usage share.

This article was originally published on Tuesday May 4th 2010
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