Google Grants License to Apache Hadoop

Tuesday Apr 27th 2010 by Developer.com Staff

Apache Hadoop developers were worried about a Google patent infringement and Google responded with granting the project a license.

Several weeks ago, Apache's legal counsel asked Google to clarify whether Apache Hadoop was infringing a Google patent. Google responded by granting Apache Hadoop a license.

Apache legal counsel Lawrence Rosen said to the Apache Software Foundation Board, "I just received word from Google's general counsel that 'we have granted a license for Hadoop, terms of which are specified in the CLA.'"

The Google patent is 7,650,331 called "System and method for efficient large-scale data processing."

"I am very pleased to reassure the Apache community about Google's continued generosity and commitment to ASF and open source," Rosen said. "Will someone here please inform the Apache Hadoop and Apache MapReduce projects that they need not worry about this patent."

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