Microsoft's StyleCop Going Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

Microsoft announced the StyleCop will be open sourced in the next few weeks under the Microsoft Public License on CodePlex.

On Saturday, Microsoft announced that it's going to open source StyleCop.

"In a few weeks we will be taking the StyleCop CodePlex site live," Microsoft's Jason Allor said, "and shortly after that we will be releasing StyleCop 4.4, which provides full support for C# 4.0, as well as a large number of bugfixes and other improvements."

Microsoft will manage the project, and be responsible for releases of StyleCop, but they will be taking code submissions from the open source community.

According to Microsoft, StyleCop has been well accepted by the C# development community.

"At the same time, many of you have complained about the slow pace of bugfixes and updates, about limitations in the license, and about some big things like a lack of support for VB.Net," Allor said. "Now you have the opportunity to solve these issues by writing the code, and making the tool better for everyone."

StyleCop will be released under the Microsoft Public License, which has been certified by the Open Source Initiative as a valid open source license.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 27th 2010
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