OpenSolaris Users Wonder if it's Time to Fork

by Developer.com Staff

OpenSolaris 2010.03 was due to release on March 26, but Oracle has held off releasing the code and now the OpenSolaris Governing Board members and community are getting nervous and talking about a fork.

The OpenSolaris open source community and Governing Board members are growing uneasy about Oracle's apparent lack of interest in releasing updates to the open source Unix operating system.

According to IDG News Service's Joab Jackson, "At least two members of the board have even used the divisive 'F' word, saying that they would be open to forking the code base from the Oracle version."

The problem is that OpenSolaris version 2010.03 was scheduled for release on March 26, but now nearly a month later users are worried.

Board Member Dennis Clarke wrote that it's "sad to watch people asking about" OpenSolaris 2010.03 "when we are well into April now."

But other board members aren't as concerned because they see Oracle's action on OpenSolaris as consistent with how Oracle communicates with the open source community in general.

Jackson reported that in an email to IDG News Service, Board Member Simon Phipps said that Oracle has a different, more controlling, style of communicating with the open source community than Sun's more open approach.

This article was originally published on Friday Apr 16th 2010
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