Open Source Kaltura Launches First Virtual Marketplace for Video Applications

by Developer.com Staff

Kaltura Exchange is the first-ever video application online marketplace by open source Kaltura.

Open Source Kaltura announced today at the NAB Show 2010 the first-ever virtual marketplace for video applications called "Kaltura Exchange."

It's "a global marketplace for publishers, developers, technology companies, and service providers to share and trade in video applications and services connected to the Kaltura platform," the press release says.

The Kaltura Exchange is designed to connect developers and service provider to publishers, resellers and system integrators.

"The Kaltura Exchange facilitates a convenient and simple-to-use marketplace where publishers can find new apps and services to enhance their video experience, and developers and service providers can promote and generate revenue from their apps, services and unique expertise," said Kaltura VP of Business and Community Development Dr. Shay David.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 14th 2010
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