Inventor of Blue Pill Malware Releases Open Source Qubes OS

by Developer.com Staff

Qubes OS implements security through isolation, if one area of the operating system is compromised the rest remains clean.

Joanna Rutkowska is a security researcher. She invented the malware application Blue Pill. Now she's released a secure open source Linux operating system called Qubes.

"Qubes is an open source OS based on Xen, X, and Linux, designed to provide strong isolation for desktop computing," Rutkowska blogged Wednesday.

According to the Qubes Web sites it implements security by isolation.

"To do this, Qubes utilizes virtualization technology, to be able to isolate various programs from each other, and even sandbox many system-level components, like networking or storage subsystem, so that their compromise don’t affect the integrity of the rest of the system."

Qubes is currently in the alpha stage, but Rutkowska said that she's been running it as her primary system for a month now.

"I use Qubes for pretty much all the other daily tasks, from work, shopping, banking, random browsing, to Qubes development itself," she said.

This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 8th 2010
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