Ruby on Rails 3.0 Second Beta Drops

by Developer.com Staff

Ruby on Rail 3.0 second beta is expected to be the last beta before the official release.

Yesterday, David Heinemeier Hansson, announced that Ruby on Rails 3.0 second beta has dropped.

"This is the second beta release of Rails 3.0 and hopefully our last stop before a release candidate," Hansson, the creator of Rails, said. "There are still a handful of known regressions (see the list at the end), but we've made huge strides since the last release and so have auxiliary tools like Bundler."

He said that it took longer than the team thought it would, but it's and everyone is encouraged to test drive the new open source Rails 3.0 and send feedback.

"Rails 3 is a mighty big barn," Hansson said, "and it's been a joy seeing the community come together to raise it."

This article was originally published on Friday Apr 2nd 2010
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