Court Rules that Novell, not SCO, Owns Unix's Copyrights

by Developer.com Staff

Jury rules that Novell owns Unix's copyrights and not SCO.

Yesterday, a jury in the US District Court decided that Novell, not SCO, own's Unix's copyrights.

"The wicked SCO is dead!," Computerworld's Steven Vaughan-Nichols blogged.

After more than seven years of lawsuits, it appears SCO has no bullets left in its gun to harass Linux and companies that support it.

"Had the decision gone the other way, I was afraid that SCO could continue to annoy Linux with its bogus Linux copyright violation claims," Vaughan-Nichols said.

Now Linux just has to worry about Novell and its partner Microsoft.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 31st 2010
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