WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg Says Open Source Is About People

Thursday Mar 25th 2010 by Developer.com Staff

Mullenweg said there's no such thing as a 'killer feature' anymore.

At The Economist Innovation Conference in Berkley, California, WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg spoke about the history of WordPress and how software design has changed.

Ben Parr attended the event and has the story at Mashable.

Mullenweg didn't build WordPress from scratch. Parr reported that Mullenweg and his partner took over a dead open source project called b2/cafelog and built WordPress on that.

In terms of software design, Mullenweg said there is no such thing as a "killer feature" anymore. If WordPress doesn't have the feature a developer needs, with plugins and extensions, they can add it themselves.

"It means that everybody has a different, unique version of WordPress, and thus it changes how he builds on his platform," Parr reported.

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