Linux Foundation Announces Top Five 2010 Linux.com Linux Gurus

by Developer.com Staff

The Linux.com Gurus are awarded their status based on points accumulated by contributing to a variety of activities on the site.

The Linux Foundation announced today the Top Five 2010 Linux.com Linux Gurus, including the Ultimate Linux Guru.

The Ultimate Linux Guru award goes to Masen Marshall (MasenM). Marshall is the Linux.com member who accumulated the most contribution and participation points over the last year.

Marshall, a full-time systems administrator at a K-12 school district, received a fully loaded Linux laptop signed by Linus Torvalds.

The other Linux gurus are Kanal P. Bharati (kunal), Andrea Benini (ben), Matthew Fillpot (mfillpot) and Dennis Wiesmann (Emperor).

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 24th 2010
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